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                          Focus on PCBA manufacturing and SMT patch one-stop high-quality service
                          Shenzhen Ledfocus Precision Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

                          Shenzhen Ledfocus Precision Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a one-stop PCBA. SMT chip processing in the electronics industry dedicated to transforming the traditional electronic supply chain service model with "intelligent manufacturing + information technology + Internet technology + industrial big data" The digital service platform conforms to the times and responds to the country's strategic service direction for high-tech development.

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                          Provide diversified PCBA customization services

                          PCBA, STM processing patch, OEM foundry material

                          SMT patch processing experience
                          We focus on every detail to meet your differentiated needs
                          Provide diversified PCBA customization services
                          Fine technology, the strength is obvious

                          Exquisite Engineering Technology

                          Senior front-end engineer and test engineer, support and assist customers to analyze PCB design and proofing. According to the test method, they can effectively analyze all causes and consequences of products, and the qualified rate of customer orders is more than 99%.

                          Strict quality control

                          QC shall be set up in front of the furnace in the workshop for defect screening, 100% visual inspection of PCBA behind the furnace, 100% optical inspection of PCBA, manual sampling inspection of 70%, reflow welding in 13 temperature zone, and the temperature of each product shall be set independently.

                          Professional quality team

                          Shenzhen Ledfocus Precision Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has a high-quality and experienced professional team. We firmly believe that good products can not be separated from professional cooperation team. The inspection standards of industrial production line are strict, the product quality is guaranteed, and the defective products can not leave the factory.

                          Guaranteed material quality

                          Count the materials, conduct a full inspection of the materials before going online, and detect the material properties. Our company takes the initiative to keep the materials. Baking before PCB going online is our basic operation, demanding details and rigorous attitude.

                          Imported high-quality raw materials

                          Choose imported high-end brand lead-free solder paste and high-purity lead-free solder strip, resolutely do not use secondary processing raw materials, and the quality is trustworthy.

                          Perfect service system

                          Shenzhen Ledfocus Precision Manufacturing Co., Ltd,Service domestic and overseas customers, high-quality and efficient sales and after-sales, quality and quantity of purchased products, price concessions, on-time delivery, to meet customer needs.

                          Applicable industries
                          Customized solutions for customers: high-level, difficult, large-size, complex structure, high-precision PCBA and whole machine electronic manufacturing solutions, R & D, proofing and mass manufacturing. Many enterprises of China's top 500 have cooperated for many years. Recas precision manufacturing is worthy of your trust!
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                          PCBA processing requires many protective measures, such as dust-proof, moisture-proof, anti-salt spray, anti-static, etc. Today, we mainly understand the dust-proof measures in the PCBA processing pro……
                          How to select a suitable PCBA processing plant? What aspects do you need to look at?
                          Many customers do not know how to choose when looking for a PCBA processing factory. There are too many PCBA processing plants, and on the surface it seems that there is not much difference. So how ca……
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                          Shenzhen Ledfocus Precision Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

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